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Everybody Talks … about moon scones! ☺️ (Thank You! Thank you!)

There are moments in your life that will surprise you … make you tear up with joy … make you forget about anything that was troubling you. My visit to the CVS pharmacy on Saturday afternoon was one of those surprising moments. Many of you know that during the week I work on the maple sweetened ingredients that go into my moon scones & pastries. I also prep all my moon scone batches & pastries … so that all I have to do is brush them with cream or egg & sprinkle maple sugar before popping them in the oven when I wake up on Saturday morning at midnight. Working in a kitchen already has an element of danger with burns, mixers & sharp things … but, if you’re sleepy … it’s worse. Sadly, I miscalculated a swipe with my kitchen knife and stabbed my left hand just under my thumb … as hard as I could … right to the bone. 😳 It was 3am and suddenly the house was filled with shrieks of agony & pain. Yes, I’m a baby. The honey bunch wrapped it up for me so that I could continue with my work and have my Saturday open hours. When all the moon scones & pastries were sold out (thank you!) … we decided that I should probably go to urgent care since my hand was turning blue. 🤪 Never good if your hand turns blue … bakers or politicians. 👍🏼 😉 The friendly folks at the SVMC express care closed up the puncture wound with essentially gorilla glue for skin and sent me to CVS to pick up some antibiotics to prevent infection. … and with a line of people behind me … these wonderful pharmacy people surprised me in the most amazing way on a rather painful day. Thank you, @cvspharmacy in Bennington, VT. You made my day! I’m so glad you love my @moonsconesvt ! Thank you! Thank you!

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