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Ending Food Waste One Scone at a Time

What happens to the leftover moon scones ... and pastries, and cakes and cookies?

That's a really good question!

The first photo was taken at the end of Saturday.

I am so thankful and continually amazed when moon scones has days like this one. I truly appreciate your continued support for this small and very young micro-bakery business ... run by one woman ... who used to be a teacher

... but took cooking classes in Paris.

Thank you from the bottom of my scone slinger heart.

When I opened moon scones back ... way back at the end of November 2022...

I really felt it was necessary to think about food waste. As a teacher for most of my career, I was economically inclined to keep a steady stream of part-time positions in a variety of arts venues and restaurants ... thus seeing a great deal of food waste.

As someone who has experienced home insecurity

when I moved back to the states from Korea...

I felt like helping an area homeless shelter made sense.

So, ever since I've been open...whenever I have leftovers...

one of two things happens...

I always bring a bag to the @bcch802 - Bennington Coalition for the Homeless

...and if I have even more...

I deliver bags of moon scones to area businesses! (marketing ;)

I was reading about an organization in New York City called @rescuingleftovercuisine and learned that their mission is right in line with what I hope to achieve with my micro-bakery. They state that they redistribute excess food to people experiencing food insecurity and their mission is to feed people, not landfills.

I loved this and wish to continue this practice.

It suits everyone. #feedpeoplenotlandfills

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Thea Hambright
Thea Hambright
Aug 28, 2023

Not only are you scone maker extraordinaire, but a wonderful human being. So glad to know you and support your fabulous bakery!

Wendy June Marie
Wendy June Marie
Sep 01, 2023
Replying to

You are so kind. Thank you! ☺️

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