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Vermont prepared food tax is 9%

If you order 12 moon scones (1 dozen), the Chief Scone Slinger will throw in a free moon scone of their choosing for weekend pre-orders.

All catering orders for moon scones must be in full batches of 8 in one flavor.


All special dietary moon scone orders (gluten free or vegan) must be in full batches of 8 in one flavor.


All catering and special dietary orders need at least 48 hours notice. Larger events than 60 


All orders must be paid in full before pick-up.


moon scones is open for walk-in scone lovers on Saturdays from 8am-12pm - Changes to these hours will be posted on this site and on social media.


Please wear a mask when you enter my home through the front door by the moon scones flag.


My current Vermont Home Catering License allows for pick-up only, no restrooms and no seating.


No parking on the street in front of moon scones.

We have two driveways on either side of the house that you are welcome to use for parking in a single line. Likewise, you are encouraged to park at the train depot or on the other side of the train tracks on Main Street where parking spaces are plentiful. There is an EV charging station at the train depot.


All pre-orders for scones to be picked up on the weekend, must be submitted before noon on Thursday, when the online store will close.


All scones are baked fresh beginning in the wee hours of each morning that moon scones is open for the public and on pre-order pick-up days.


Did you know……moon scones freeze really well in freezer bags or other freezer safe containers. I let them thaw at room temperature for the best and most consistent texture preservation. ;)  I also love dunking frozen moon scones in my coffee or tea.  In fact…this is one of my favorite things to do.

Sure sign of an italian….dunking things in warm beverages. 😂


Cash for all pre-orders and catering should be placed inside the locked moon scones mailbox on my front porch.

GF/V Disclaimer

Only certain flavors can be made as gluten free or vegan. Additionally, the  health inspector has asked that I inform folks that I am not a purely gluten free or vegan bakery, as I mostly create baked goods that use regular King Arthur flour and animal based dairy products. He noted that I should inform people that flour can become aerosol which could complicate things for someone with a severe allergy to wheat. He instead said that I should indicate to interested parties that my gluten free and vegan products would be best suited for someone who has a preference for gluten free or vegan and not a diagnosed allergy. With that in mind, I want you to know how I handle the aerosol bit. Whenever I make gluten free batches, I create them first thing in the morning when regular flour has not come out of its container yet and everything in the kitchen is clean and free of flour residue from any previous baking the day before. All of the folks that order gluten free scones from me have said they’ve enjoyed them and have had no issues.

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