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My name is Wendy June Marie, but you are welcome to call me Fern.

I am the Owner, Baker & Chief Scone Slinger at moon scones.

moon scones is a Vermont licensed and inspected

home catering one woman bakery.

I opened my bakery on Small Business Saturday, November 26, 2022 in North Bennington, Vermont. 

My Story

I bake my moon scones in my home which was the former residence of the mid-century horror writer, Shirley Jackson.

You may be familiar with some of her work such as the short story entitled, The Lottery

and the book that has now become a series on Netflix, The Haunting of Hill House.

I am a retired educator who has always wanted to open my own bakery and I am delighted to introduce you to this dream coming to life.

I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by avid foodies and consummate bakers in my family, as a 3rd generation Italian.

This informal training honed my understanding of flavors & how smell can often be an invitation. 

In addition, I was inspired in my early adult years by dear friends who taught me a great deal about the culinary arts ...

...and that I should always seek out the very best ingredients and never use shortcuts, as it affects the recipe outcome. 

In 2009, I took pastry and focaccia classes from trained pastry chefs while in Paris with my children.

While there I learned about the process involved in creating hand-laminated dough for "good" croissants.

I have been humbled & in awe at the initial reception I have had to my moon scones.

I look forward to growing my business within our community. 

Thank you for talking about moon scones. 

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